"Don't want to let it lay me down this time..."

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sweetsleepmydarkangel-tourniquet: Sorry i forgot to but the anon out :3 The gifs abt amy..or r they from a page like weheartit? bc they r awesome!!

That’s okay and I make them, dear. I don’t take things from weheartit. In fact I hate weheartit :/ Nothing is ever credited correctly or anything like that. It’s not fair to the people who work hard on edits and gifs.
I hope this answers your question. Have a lovely day (or night)

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"I only have myself to blame for it all..."

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Anonymous: Omg ur blog is awesome!!!!! But how r u making those gifs? please tell me *o* Stay true to urself ♥

Thank you so much, anon! And which gifs are you talking about? :) stay true to yourself as well, dear

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Amy being adorably cute at Nissan Live Sets - part 1

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